Magnifique "Elegance lounge"

Peppino di capri Massimo Lucidi is an economic correspondant He planned “The elegance lounge”, it is an original meeting about style and good taste, this event take place in Magnifique boutique in via Filangieri 18 in Naples. Every year Massimo Lucidi comes back to Naples for the”lounge” he planned to give the exclusive “Elegance card”. Next date with the tailoring tradition and the craftsmanship innovation will be on thursday 1st december at 18.00 in Magnifique boutique.
Starting from 1964 Dario Esposito and his father Mario are the great managers of Magnifique boutique.
They always succeed in getting all kinds of rare or precious materials (textiles, skins...) coming to Naples from all over world.
Holland & Sherry, Harryson, Taylor & Lodge, Vitale Barberis, Drapers are leaders for colours or qualities in menswear production.
Among them there are several selectioned taylors, they are the heirs to an ancient tradition: the Neapolitan school.
Leader companies for style and quality of their production, among them: Dunhill, Schneiders, Valgrisa, Dalvey, Bresciani, Hanna Hats, Albert Thurston, meet in Naples to debate on problems connected to their activities and they can find in “the elegance lounge”, stylists, designers, global and international businessman. For example Elio Fiorucci, Santo Versace, Romeo Gigli, Mario D’Urso accepted Massimo Lucidi invitation to participate to the event.
The “Elegance lounge” and “the elegance card” count on young Neapolitan people and on a generation gap dialogue among gentlemen.
Acccording to this, Marquis Pierluigi Sanfelice from Bagnoli and Duke C. Guardascione the models M. Neri and C. Torlo accepted to take part to the Magnifique event on thursday 1st december at 18.00 .

But no doubt  Peppino Di Capri’s music, with his latest album, named Magnifique, has made ​​unique and unparalleled the event. So much so that on Tuesday, 20th at 8 p.m. back there will be a new meeting and Peppino di Capri will be there too to exchange greetings and to have  your valuable cd autographed Magnifique, of corse

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Magnifique Napoli - Via Filangieri, 18 - 80121 Napoli - P.iva 04748340637 - Credits